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Immersion Programme

Immersion Programme

“To act in solidarity with others for a more just world”

Since 2011 we have sent a group of 5th Year students to the Developing World as part of our social action programme. By "Being with" the host communities and reflecting on that experience in the light of the Gospel message, students will have opportunities to deepen their understanding of their Christian faith, to grow in their own sense of God and to increase their commitment and capacity to work for real change in our world today.

Personal Development

Through the Immersion Programme, students will grow and develop personally through opportunities to:

  • Work in a team.
  • Reflect on and articulate their emotions.
  • Become aware of their own skills and talents, and those of others.


Faith Development

Through the Immersion Programme, students will

  • Be invited to be faithful to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • Have an opportunity to develop personally in all the dimensions of a Catholic school in the tradition of Cornelia Connelly.
  • Be provided with an experience of living their faith through raising awareness of social and ecological justice.
  • Be encouraged to grow in their own faith while at the same time respecting and celebrating the diversity of faiths in the world.


Development Education

Through the Immersion Programme, students will

  • Build on their understanding of the causes of poverty, human rights, justice, development and environmental issues gained from across range of school subjects.
  • Develop further their capacity to think critically and link both action and reflection.
  • On their return home be more aware of their own potential to act on developing world issues.
  • Understand more fully issues of justice at home.
  • Understanding should lead to practical action for justice.
  • Be expected to influence change within their peer group and their wider school community on their return.


Host Communities

Through the Immersion Programme, students will

  • Actively support the ongoing work of the local host communities.
  • Recognise the dignity and giftedness of the local host communities.
  • Gain an insight into the reality of life for local host communities.


India Immersion

The Immersion group will take part in a yearlong preparation programme - meeting at least once a week on for the full of the academic year. This is a social action project that requires a maturity, compassion and flexibility. The number of students travelling will not be more than 12 accompanied by 3 teachers. Suitability for the Immersion is imperative and interviews will take place to ascertain a student’s suitability regardless of the amount of interested students.

During this year successful students will build and gain an understanding of global development issues such as the causes of poverty, human rights, justice, development and environmental issues mainly focusing on our host country, India. They will reflect and have the opportunity to develop their living faith.

Students will also undertake a tutoring programme in order to be able to teach / tutor students in Maths, Science and English while on Immersion as well as Art, Drama, Sports and Dance.

Other lunchtime meetings will be arranged as necessary to discuss fundraising.

Individual fundraising initiatives will take place outside of school time and weekends. Students are encouraged to work as a team and help with each other’s events. There will be some in school fundraising events organised and led by the entire group such as the Bake Sales, Christmas Jumper Day and Quizzes.

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