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Building Our Future

Building Our Future

Achieved already - Phase One: The Sports Hall

We have built a new Sports Hall to give more access to a wider choice of sports. We want all our students to love and practice sport, offering them lifelong mental and physical health benefits. The Sports Hall was delivered in 2015 at a cost of €1.9m.

In the pipeline – Phase Two: STEM, Hockey, Home Economics, Art, Disability Access and new Classrooms.

Stage One

We are developing three new STEM Classrooms to encourage interest in science at all levels, to foster teamwork and promote intellectual inquiry. We have constructed a brand new, sand – based hockey pitch with new shock pads and extra body impact protection on the end wall, to improve the speed and skills potential of the players and the game, as well as player safety. We have installed new lifts to ensure improved accessibility for all students and staff. We shall be delivering two new classrooms. The total cost of this stage is €3.6 million.

Stage Two

We will be delivering a new Art Room and a new Home Economics Suite. We want our students to enjoy learning in a modern environment, providing them with the space, resources and confidence to thrive.

If you would like to get involved in Building Our Future– The Campaign for Holy Child Killiney, please contact Melissa Harrison on mharrison@holychildkilliney.ie.

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