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At HCK, we know that parents are every child's primary educators, and are the ones who best know and understand their children's needs - socially, academically and emotionally. Therefore it is vital that the parents or guardians of every HCK student know how valued their advice and opinions are regarding their child's education. The Killiney Parents' Association (KPA) provides the forum through which parents can meaningfully engage with the school and its staff members to ensure that every student, individually and collectively, is best served by her years in HCK. The KPA also plays an important role in building the sense of community within the school, by affording parents and guardians the opportunity to occasionally meet as a group in an informal, social setting. Each year has two parent representatives on the KPA, who are always pleased to hear from parents with any issues or concerns which might arise, and who will channel you towards a direct and speedy solution.

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