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Phase Two - STEM, Home Economics and Art

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Due to the support of our parents, in addition to our alumnae community since 2012, we are happily now in a position to move to Phase Two of our Development Plan. With an estimated build date of June 2021, Phase Two touches on three subject areas; here is why we have choosen them:

Women and girls are underrepresented in STEM studies and careers. In addition changes are taking place in the way that STEM is taught and learned. We have to change as education changes. We want to use this opportunity to encourage our students to blaze the trail of women in the science sector by nurturing interest from the very beginning. It is our role as educators to give our students a modern learning environment that will embrace the changes that are happening in this sector. Our new STEM Classrooms will promote team work, critical thinking, enterprise and creativity. Our students will be supported in developing their interest in an expanding field of inquiry with confidence and competence.

Demand for Home Economics (H.E.) as a subject in HCK, has outstripped our ability to deliver it with our current facilities. We will be developing a new H.E. Suite to include a new design room and kitchen facilities. We need more space so that students can work in smaller groups, maximising learning. We require computer access in our H.E. facility. We want to make sure that every student who wishes to study H.E. can do so. Home Economics not only offers a pathway into the creative industries in Ireland but also meaningful opportunities for personal development and expression.

We will be delivering a new Art Room to offer a modern, bright environment that stimulates creativity and pride in this subject.

If you would like further details of how to get involved in Building Our Future please contact Melissa Harrison at mharrison@holychildkilliney.ie. or 086 604 2849.

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