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Building Excellence in Education

Building Excellence in Education

We are developing our facilities to give our students the best educational resources possible: we feel they deserve it. We hope you do too!

Achieved already - The Sports Hall

We have built a new Sports Hall to give more access to a wider choice of sports. We want all our students to love and practice sport, offering them lifelong mental and physical health benefits.

 In the planning phase – New Classrooms

We are developing new STEM Laboratories, a new Art Room and a new Home Economics Suite. We want our students to enjoy learning in a modern environment, leading to better outcomes.

Finally – Student experience

We want our students to enjoy daily life in school. We will be developing more social areas for students to mix, a new library, a new canteen, offering disabled access and providing a new entrance to the school which will be reflective of our reputation.

Other achievements in our Strategic Plan include; joining Le Chéile Trust strengthening our position in the future, focussing on IT so that all years from 1 – 3 use iPads in the classroom. We offer a full time Career Guidance service and learning support on a wide range of subjects..

If you would like to get involved in Investing in Excellence – The Campaign for Holy Child Killiney, please contact Melissa Harrison on

DEVELOPMENTInvesting in Excellence The Campaign for Holy Child Killiney

Holy Child Killiney is undergoing an exciting new transformation! We are starting by building a new Sports Hall. Then we are going to provide new STEM Laboratories, a new Art Room, a new Home Economics Suite and new social areas for students to mix.

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