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Social Action

Social Action

"Generosity, generosity, generosity, must be the beginning and ending of our life"  These are the words of Cornelia Connelly, founder of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus, and here in HCK we strive to foster an ethos of generosity, in attitude, awareness and action. Cornelian Educational Philosophy is never restricted to the classroom but spills over into all aspects of school life.

Our Social Action outreach is one example of this. Led by two Senior Social Action Prefects, a Liturgy Prefect, a SVP School Conference, a Justice and Peace Group and a representative from each class, we undertake a variety of awareness and outreach initiatives, always with a spirit of Christian vocation and mission. From supporting the local St Vincent de Paul, to travelling as far as India on Immersion working in St. George's Free School and the Mary Rice Centre, to working as 'blueshirt' assistants in Lourdes, to organising events for International Women's Day and Mental Health Week,  each event is undertaken with a huge generosity of spirit, imaginative and creative suggestions and constant good humour.

"Good people will be remembered as a blessing, and will receive many blessings" 
Proverbs 10:6