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Learning Support

Learning Support

Holy Child Killiney is a mixed ability school, catering for the educational requirements of students at all levels. The emphasis is always placed on the students strengths and abilities; and the appropriate tools are provided to ensure they are maximised. Where a problem does exist, it is identified, acknowledged and addressed promptly and sensitively.

A message from the Holy Child Learning Support Teacher, Eleanor Ewings:  

Learning Support is an important tool in the educational system to ensure that students are enabled to fully maximise their abilities and potential, by providing all available support for those with differing educational requirements and challenges.

From the moment our students sit their initial assessment tests in advance of beginning 1st year, we at Holy Child are looking for guides and indicators which may identify those likely to benefit from Learning Support.  This is in addition to liaising with primary feeder schools, and taking on board their recommendations and findings regarding students who have received learning support while in the primary cycle.

Once a student has been identified as being likely to benefit from LS, all parties involved, primarily the parents of course, are liaised with to build a complete picture of the student’s requirements, and assess how that will best be addressed by the LS department in HCK.

Students requiring LS span the full spectrum - from those termed to be “gifted” to those experiencing varying levels and manifestations of dyslexia and dyscalculia.

I am privileged to be in a position to assist and support the extraordinary efforts of the students, whose hard work and commitment ensure that each one of them have the means and opportunity “to be all that she can be”.