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Guidance Office

Guidance Office

The role of the Guidance Counsellor in HCK is to

  1. Help the students uncover and recognise their special talents and abilities
  2. Assist them with their transitions.
  3. Provide information about all the opportunities available to them in further and  higher education and potential career opportunities and paths.
  4. Counselling takes place on a one-to-one basis, and is available to the students at any time during their six year cycle.

A message from Holy Child Guidance Counsellor, Dymphna Foody:  

“My role as Guidance Counsellor here at Holy Child Killiney is to help the students “become all that they may be”, in accordance with the teachings of Cornelia Connelly.  Through the media of both personal and vocational counselling , I hope to assist each student to maximise her potential while also making her aware of all the career and life choices that are available to her.

Personal counselling allows students to discuss their individual concerns or challenges on a one-to-one basis with me. The students see me as an un-biased sounding board with whom they can work through their concerns.

The first step on the path is always to acknowledge that a situation or circumstance exists which is causing concern. Only then is it possible to develop an action plan which will allow progress and resolution.

Addressing a problem or difficulty can often provide an opportunity to explore and bolster self-knowledge and self-worth, by helping the students to better understand their strengths and acknowledge those things which can impede their progress.   My role is always is a non-judgemental facilitator, helping the students to focus on what they are doing and thinking, in order to change or influence how they are feeling.

At all times, I am here to listen, accept, respect, understand and respond.

Parental involvement in the counselling process is always welcome and encouraged, and I am available to meet with parents at any time as we work together in partnership to ensure that each student is given every opportunity “to be all that she can be”."