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Chaplain’s Office

Chaplain’s Office

The Chaplain at HCK provides a faith presence in the school who ensures the spiritual well-being of the school community.

The Chaplain is responsible for establishing and developing a relationship with each student, and is available at all times to provide help or support as a faith friend or spiritual guide. This is an especially useful support tool for students who may be experiencing personal or family difficulties.

Message from the Chaplain

Being a Chaplain means being a positive faith presence in the school community and accompanying the students as they journey through their school years.

Their lives are busy, and often stressful, and I strive to create opportunities for prayer, reflection and sacramental celebration where the students can explore and celebrate their faith and come to understand the importance of nourishing their spiritual selves.
Building trusting relationships, which are based on respect and understanding, is a truly rewarding part of my work with the students. Such relationships begin on the very first day the students begin school in HCK, and continue to grow and strengthen through their years here. It is very important that the students know they can approach me freely to discuss a difficulty or concern they may encounter, or to share times of celebration and affirmation.
I am fortunate to enjoy the enthusiastic support of the other staff within the school, especially those in the R.E and Music Departments, with whom I liaise on an on-going basis. I derive constant support, energy and confidence from the wider HCK community who affirm the role of Chaplain with such warmth and generosity.
Outside the daily life of the school I also encourage and facilitate the students' involvement in outreach activities, inspired by Gospel values of respect and service, and which reflect our school motto "Actions not Words". These include the Cornelia Connelly St Vincent de Paul Youth Conference, The Justice and Peace Group, The Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes, the Kenya Immersion Project, Ministers of the Eucharist, local Parish Initiatives and the Emmanuel Project.

The enthusiasm with which the students become involved in such projects, the camaraderie that their involvement brings, and the sense of purpose and achievement they derive from these initiatives is a constant source of inspiration to me. In these ways we empower the students with a positive sense of who they are, and encourage them to take ownership of their faith in witnessing to Christian values. In the words of Cornelia Connelly "Are we not all bound to help each other, as well as to look to ourselves....We never know what we can do until we try. Perseverance gains the crown... in God and for God we can do all".

Ellen Moiselle