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Rucksack collection



Rucksack collection

53 rucksacks in very good condition were delivered to the Alice Leahy Trust. Thank you so much for your generosity. The Trust works with homeless people and rough sleepers, providing different support services from clothing, footwear and shower facilities, to medical care and legal advice. On their behalf Jeanette in the Trust is very grateful to the HCK school community; she was hugely complimentary to Allie Noonan, Lauren Murray, Laura Reynolds and Mia Conlon for visiting the Centre on Friday and meeting with the staff and clients. 

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Holy Child Killiney is undergoing an exciting new transformation! We are starting by building a new Sports Hall. Then we are going to provide new STEM Laboratories, a new Art Room, a new Home Economics Suite and new social areas for students to mix.

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