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HCK Choir - Alumnae and Friends!



HCK Choir - Alumnae and Friends!

We have rebooted and rebranded! Come to our Autumn Open Session, Monday 22nd October, 7pm in the Cornelia Connelly Hall ....Blue Hall to some of us ��     

Tea, coffee, treats, tunes....and craic  ☕���������� 

No auditions! Lots of fun!        

Tag your friends (past pupils, current & past parents) and come along, the more the merrier! 


DEVELOPMENTInvesting in Excellence The Campaign for Holy Child Killiney

Holy Child Killiney is undergoing an exciting new transformation! We are starting by building a new Sports Hall. Then we are going to provide new STEM Laboratories, a new Art Room, a new Home Economics Suite and new social areas for students to mix.

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