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Cornelia Connelly Quote of the Week - ‘Cornelia loved Maths’ Rap



Cornelia Connelly Quote of the Week - ‘Cornelia loved Maths’ Rap

This week we celebrate 172 years of Actions not Words.  On 15th October, 1846, in Derby, Cornelia and her companions celebrated their first Mass as the Society of the Holy Child Jesus. We are proud to be part of this rich tradition and to share in Cornelia's legacy. 

We are also celebrating Maths Week. 

In honour of this our resident Fifth Year 'Theologians' (who fully appreciate that God is a Mathematician) have written a rap to celebrate Cornelia's love of Maths. They recorded this and showed the video to wonderful applause at the Feast Day Assembly. 

Well done girls. 



'Cornelia loved Maths' Rap �� 

Philadelphia born and raised

In the classroom Cornelia spent most of her days, 

Subtracting, multiplying and adding too

In Maths she taught us what to do.


She couldn't co-ordinate with Pierce 

He was just too fresh and fierce, 

The crisis began to multiply

All Cornelia could do was sigh

And comfort herself with a piece of Pi.


Her family was divided apart, 

Pierce left, and Cornelia followed her heart


2πr - Pierce is out the door!


Sin, Cos and Tan, she don't need this man!


Her relationship with God was commutative 

Inspiring her to be strong, and always give. 

She had to follow her vocation

And spread Religious Education. 

To students Cornelia never was a square 

She always treated them with so much care. 


Fractions not Surds ...... Actions not Words. 


A Cornelian Equation:

Holy Child Students+Staff x(Faith and Joy) ∪ Enthusiasm and Commitment ∑ HCK ∑∑= ∞ and beyond ��������������

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