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Celebrating 70 years of Actions not Words



Celebrating 70 years of Actions not Words

We think that this quote symbolises the many difficult challenges that Cornelia faced during her life. Throughout her life, she experienced many difficulties and hardships; for example, she used original and creative ways of teaching, and as a result of these new methods she was harshly criticized and judged.

She experienced something a Parent should never have to go through –the death of two of her children. She was betrayed by her own husband, who took her other children away from her and cut off all communication with her. However through all these life – changing challenges, Cornelia became even stronger and more compassionate than before.

She embraced life for all it was and took every new obstacle on with a positive attitude. This quote embodies her constructive and positive outlook on challenges that seem to be destructive in her life.

We believe that this mantra can be used for almost any challenges in life, especially by students in our Holy Child School who are facing exams (maybe for the first time) and a huge amount of work. This motivational quote encourages us to rise with confidence to situations that may scare us in life. 

By Jenny McKeever and Alana Donovan

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Holy Child Killiney is undergoing an exciting new transformation! We are starting by building a new Sports Hall. Then we are going to provide new science laboratories, a new art room, a new home economics room and new social areas for students to mix.

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