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Holy Child School Killiney Holy Child School Killiney


Holy Child Killiney School Charter

The vision at the heart of Holy Child education is expressed in the Constitutions of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus founded by Cornelia Connelly.

For this is our mission: to hope others to believe that God lives and acts in them and in our world and to rejoice in God’s presence.

To fulfil this mission Cornelia developed an educational apostolate based on trust and reverence for the dignity of every human being.  Her choice of apostolates continues to direct our service in the church as we undertake various forms of education and related pastoral and spiritual ministries.

Whatever our ministry, we try with perseverance to hope others grow strong in faith, and lead fully human lives.

(SHCJ Constitutions)

A Holy Child School aims:

  • to help students become mature Christian women,  imbued with gospel values, able to take their place in helping to create a more just and peaceful world; 
  • to give each student a deep appreciation of the unique value of herself and others so that she may  develop and use to the full her talents and gifts in the service of society; 
  • to encourage critical awareness of and reflection on the issues of our day; 
  • to create an atmosphere of openness and trust in which there can be real education towards freedom, self discipline, individual initiative and personal and social responsibility.  Such an atmosphere will enable staff and students to appreciate their own gifts and contributions and allow them to truly be themselves. 

In keeping with this vision of education Holy Child School Killiney will seek to ensure that:

  • Education in the school will be inspired by Gospel values; 
  • That these values will be witnessed to according to the spirit and ideals which Cornelia Connelly fostered in Holy Child educators; 
  • That educational excellence will be maintained. 

To further these aims it is important that:

  • The school in Killiney remains a Catholic school, admitting baptised Catholics and girls from other faith traditions whose families are in clear sympathy with the ethos of the school; 
  • Worship and prayer are integral to the life of the school, nurturing and supporting the spirituality of each person, and offering opportunities for spiritual and personal development; 
  • The school values the role of a school chaplain and that school life is celebrated and enhanced through liturgy, sacraments, rituals, symbols and opportunities for reflection; 
  • The Holy Child tradition of education is remembered in the school.  Cornelia Connelly’s story and her educational values are shared with the school community.  Founder’s Day is celebrated; 
  • Pastoral care is central to the life of the school, helping to create Christian community and foster and environment of freedom and trust where each one feels valued and able to be herself.  Structures are in place to facilitate this; 
  • The school promotes quality and excellence in teaching and learning.  Professional development of staff is encouraged and facilitated; 
  • A curriculum offering breadth, depth and balance be offered to students.  Students are inspired to develop independent thinking, creativity, imagination, curiosity and responsibility; 
  • Music, drama and art are integral to the curriculum; 
  • Physical well-being is promoted through both curricular and extra-curricular activities; 
  • Religion is valued as a subject area.  The school has qualified R.E. teachers and allocates to the teaching of R.E. the time recommended by the diocese; 
  • The school makes provision for care of students with special needs, both physical and intellectual; 
  • Through the curriculum and various extra-curricular activities the staff and students are encouraged to reflect critically on world issues, in particular those of social and ecological justice and to take an active role in supporting local and global charities; 
  • The school is run in a spirit of partnership with students, staff, parents, management and trustees all being aware of their role in the school and working together for the good of the school. 
  • The school maintains and values links with the Holy Child Network of Schools, and organisations such as the Association of Managers of Catholic Secondary Schools (AMCSS) and the Joint Managerial Body for Secondary Schools (JMB).. 

Holy Child School, Killiney, is a place where teachers and students enjoy teaching and learning together and where everyone can respond to life with joy, commitment and compassion, with a sense of her/his place in the world and in the Church.  In this way members of the school community are enabled to grow strong in faith and helped to live fully human lives.