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Cornelia Connelly Quote of the Week

Cornelia Connelly Quote of the Week
Cornelia Connelly Quote of the Week

‘Love and you will be loved. Sustain a bright and joyful spirit.’ Cornelia Connelly

This Cornelia Connelly quote reminds us to remain cheerful, and to always persevere, whatever circumstances we find ourselves in. During these strange times maintaining a cheerful outlook is vital, and will help us face each day.
Cornelia Connelly faced huge hardships in her life; her marriage broke down, she lost her children, and, alongside this, she faced huge challenges founding her schools.

However, Cornelia prevailed, and always tried to live each day with a spirit of joy and peace.

We can all take inspiration from her approach at this time. By maintaining a joyful mindset we can begin to see some positive sides to this quarantine: we will create precious memories spending more time with our families, we can avail of having the time to try new things, we can try to get a better work-life balance.

Let us all try to be like Cornelia Connelly. Let us trust in the power of love, and persevere through the tough times with joy in our hearts.

Actions not Words.

Laura Hennessy, Fourth Year
JPii Gold Award Team.

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